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Rules For Residents
These rules and regulations have been adopted to secure your comfort and safety, while maintaining a quality living environment.
1. Resident agrees that the Premises shall be used solely for residential purposes and in conformity with all applicable Federal, State, and Municipal laws and ordinances.
2. Resident or guest shall not act in any way that annoys or disturbs other residents, guests or employees of Landlord, act in any matter which is illegal, or which will injure the reputation of the Landlord, Property Owner, apartment building or community. Resident shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons residing with or visiting resident. Resident and resident’s guests will conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others or will result in the damage or destruction of the Premises. Noise and music must be kept at levels that will not disturb others. Quiet hours between 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM will be enforced.
3. The Premises shall be used and occupied by a resident as a private residence only and no business of any kind shall be conducted from the premises.
4. No signs, notices or advertisements shall be attached or displayed by resident on or about the Premises.
5. Resident shall comply with any future rules and regulations and all applicable laws and ordinances pertaining to the Premises.
6. Profane, obscene or loud language is prohibited on the Premises.
7. Resident and resident’s guests should be considerate of neighbors and abide by the laws while consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises.
8. Resident shall keep the Premises in a neat and clean condition.
9. Resident shall always keep the window glass clean and shall not cover any window in any manner which, in the opinion of Landlord, in its sole discretion, detracts from the appearance of the Premises. No tablecloth, dust cloth, towels, curtains, rugs/carpets or articles of clothing shall be hung or shaken from any window, door or porch by resident.
10.Resident shall not throw or sweep any items or debris from any window or door.
11. Resident shall not store any combustible, flammable, hazardous chemicals or explosive substance on or about the Premises.
12. Resident shall keep garbage, trash, waste and debris in proper containers and dispose of same at least weekly.
13. Resident shall keep all hot water heaters, electrical panels and plumbing systems serving the Premises clear and free of debris, trash and clutter.
14. Resident shall not paint, nail, or install or remove wallpaper, or otherwise alter the Premises in any manner without written consent of Landlord.
15. Resident shall not alter, replace or add door or window locks and shall return all keys to Landlord upon the termination of the Lease. A landlord agrees to change locks upon written request of the resident and receipt of payment for the applicable locksmith service fee.
16. No barbecues or open fires by residents are permitted on any porch, lanai or balcony on or about the Premises.
17. All goods, articles, merchandise, provisions, furniture, trunks, boxes, bicycles, and wheelchairs of resident shall not be permitted to remain in the yard, porch, lanai or balcony on or about the Premises.
18. Resident shall not park or allow resident’s guests to park anywhere on or about the Premises except in regular spaces provided for vehicle parking. Resident shall not park or allow resident’s guests to park any abandoned, derelict, unlicensed or unregistered motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard motor or vessels (collectively “Unauthorized Vehicles”) anywhere on or about the Premises. Unauthorized Vehicles are detrimental to the image of the Premises and may create safety hazards for the resident of the Premises and are therefore subject to being towed at the expense of the owner of such Unauthorized Vehicle. The foregoing applies equally to Unauthorized Vehicles that are improperly parked on the Premises, such as those that are double parked, parked in fire lanes or other delineated “no parking zones” or parked on unpaved areas not intended for vehicle parking. Resident shall not park or store any recreational vehicle, trailer or commercial vehicle on or about the Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord and absent such consent, such recreational vehicle, trailer or commercial vehicle shall be deemed to be an Unauthorized Vehicle.

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